Best Scooter Brands

Top 6 Best Scooter Brands in 2019 [Buyer’s Guide]

What is the best scooter brands on the market today? In this article, we will look at some of the most popular brands of scooters so you can decide which is the right one for you. Some of the brands are good for making the best scooter for commuting and some of them are good for regular use.

Best Scooter Brands on the Market Today

Many Choices

When purchasing a scooter, you will find many options. Do you want an electric scooter? Is it for a child? What will you be using your scooter for? These and more questions will come to mind when purchasing a scooter so it’s best to be well informed. Take a look at these popular brands and see which one offers the type of scooter that is best for your needs.


swagtron electric scooterSWAGTRON offers wonderful options for both children and adults. Their toddler scooters are sturdy and perfect for teaching the little ones how to get around. They offer a very nice selection of regular scooters for both stunts or riding around. The price range for electric scooters will run you from $250 on the lower end up to $400 for the Cali Drift model. Customers rate this brand as being excellent value for the money.

You will find a nice variety of options for their products and shipping is always free. SWAGTRON scooters are rated highly in terms of speed and range as well as reliability. You will love the high-quality rating of the product materials too. All in all, this is an excellent brand of scooter, both electric and non-electric, with a very nice variety of options. You can browse their products by clicking here.


fuzion electric scooterFuzion carries a fun line of very well rated scooters. You will find kick, stunt, electric and non-electric for all ages. This brand offers one of the best values too. You will find their products reasonably priced in comparison to other brands and they are well made with excellent usage reviews. Their entry and intermediate level scooters are some of the best on the market.

The scooters are expertly packed for shipping and consistently arrive in perfect condition. Most will only require minimal assembly. Fuzion is a leading company in the scooter market for scooters of all levels. This company designs their scooters with the rider in mind and for them, “It’s All About the Ride.”



razor electric scooterThis is a very popular brand of scooter and we can see why. The design choices they have will delight any age group but especially the little ones. For their kick scooters, prices start at around $40 for the entry-level A scooter and go all the way up to $300 for their higher end ones. This level scooter can handle anything you put it through and is an excellent choice for stunt riders.

For the Razor electric line, the prices again range from the very affordable, starting around $140, to the pricey deluxe E-XR at $700. When buying a scooter, you really want to think about what you need it for. As you can see with this link, Razor products will be sure to have just the right scooter for you.


xiaomi electric scooterWhile Xiaomi does not specialize in just scooters, they sure know what they’re doing when making one. Their Mi scooter has an innovative folding design and a long-range battery that will take you over 18 miles. When you’re speeding along at five times the normal walking speed, you will arrive at your destination in no time flat.

This scooter is made with usability and the user in mind and offers an excellent comfort level. The frame is made of aerospace aluminum. This allows it to be exceptionally sturdy yet as light as possible. Weighing in at 26.9 lbs, you shouldn’t have trouble moving this one around. Please click here to read more about Xiaomi’s Mi scooter.


vokul electric scooterHit the skate park with a Vokul scooter and you’re sure to impress. This company designs some high-level stunt scooters that come very well rated. These are non-electric and will cost around $200. In addition, Vokul is a prime supplier of scooter parts. So if you want to trick out your ride with some custom options, this company is for you.

Vokul is best for the intermediate to advanced level rider. Their products are a great choice for performing stunts and you’ll notice they’re quite popular too. They offer a full warranty with repairs that are made only by trusted experts. Use this link if you would like to learn more about their products.


Segway produces a few e-scooters that are sure to get you where you need to go. These will be of very high quality and will run between $500 and $800 dollars. Users claim they have excellent acceleration and love the safety feature of a light. You will love the sturdiness of Segway’s scooter line. Even heavier people will have no problem as these scooters are strongly built and made to last.

Segway is a reputable brand and you can trust that they stand by their products. Free shipping is included and users report excellent customer service. This is a very good option for areas of high traffic. Instead of trying to drive through that, try a Segway instead. Click here to learn more.

Do Your Homework

With all that is out there as far as scooters go, make sure to do your homework when deciding on the best scooter for your purposes. We have a variety of information on all types of scooters brands and scooter models. Check out our product reviews and other articles and learn more about these great outdoor rides.

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