Best Scooter Exercises

The 10 Best Scooter Exercises for Fitness Enthusiasts

Ever wondered why we are called the human race? It is because we are always running… Sometimes to our offices, meetings, parties and more. Finding a few seconds of serenity feels like heaven, doesn’t it? Imagine if we told you that commuting on a scooter offers you a full-body workout? Would you believe it? Probably, not at first, but surely somewhere in between when we get down to listing all the exercises you can do on them. In this article, we have listed 10 best scooter exercises for fitness enthusiasts.

We all have places to go, greet new people and basically, be active throughout the day to stay on top of our game, both physically and mentally. Our body needs to remain fit and healthy. But who has the time to work out, really?

You must be wondering where scooter exercises come in all this. Well, you didn’t stumble upon the wrong title, we promise we are getting to it. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it and learn of ways we can incorporate regular exercise into our daily lives with scooters.


Top 10 Best Scooter Exercises for Fitness Freaks

1. Full-Body Workout

Any sport or exercise form that eliminates the need for sitting is a great full-body workout. Thankfully, scooters offer just that. Driving a scooter to work or shopping counteracts our otherwise sedentary lifestyle. Unlike sitting in a car, you are constantly in an erect position involving your whole body to work simultaneously. Your hands are constantly turning the vehicle around keeping your muscles in motion throughout the ride. Then, in order to stand firm and strong, you need to position your body in an upright way. This involves some of your most problematic regions such as the hips, thighs, joints, knees, and skeletal muscles. This strengthens your core muscles of the back, hips, and shoulders.


2. Cardio

Believe it or not, our bodies were made to move. Cardio or aerobic exercises are essential to keep our muscles functioning properly. You may not think of it as something important but when you hit 50, you will understand how vital it is to keep them moving. Cardio exercises strengthen the muscles and lead to a healthier-looking body. The heart is also a muscle and in fact, an important one. Keeping it working makes it stronger. A healthy heart condition means enough blood travels through and from the heart to the capillaries preventing blockage and lack of oxygen.

Scooting is low-impact cardio. Low impact cardio ensures that you don’t strain the joints whilst maintaining an increased heartbeat. Riding a scooter, especially when accompanied by a few kicks can make for an ideal cardio session. Throw in a few steep hills and you can call it a HIIT training session as well.

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3. Knee Tucks

Other than offering an excellent commuting means, scooters also alternate as great exercise equipment to perform a number of exercises. Knee tucks are one of such scooter exercises. Knee tucks involve the rider lying on the ground with his hands above the head.

To begin the exercise, the rider needs to place his/her feet onto the scooter board and push it forward up till the stomach with his/her legs. This is a great workout to strengthen the core and abs as it involves the core muscles.

It is ideal for those looking to burn some belly fat without going to a gym or investing in gym wear. Moreover, this exercise can be performed whenever the rider wishes to –even in the room.


4. Lunges (Reverse)

Doing reverse lunges is a great way to attain a stable core. It engages the abdominal and core muscles, promising stability and flexibility in the legs, hips, and knees. It has also proven to be of great help with those who complain of lower back pain or a bad posture that puts a strain on their shoulders.

To begin with a lunge, you must stand straight with your arms parallel to your shoulders. When doing a reverse lunge, you must extend one leg behind your back and then bend the knee of the leg forward to go into a kneeling position –but with one leg extended backward. Once your back leg touches the ground, you must go back to your original position with a little jump along the way before alternating legs.

Where does a scooter come in all this?

Before beginning, you must place the leg (to be extended backward) on the scooter’s frame and push it back to extend the leg. This will allow you better movement and an easy extension of the leg. Furthermore, alternating between legs will also be much quicker.


5. Leg Raises (on the back)

Leg raises are a great way to relieve strain in the back muscles. It is ideal for those who often complain of a pulled muscle or back pain. It also helps strengthen the lower abdominal muscles, pelvic muscles, and muscles of the hips and thighs, promising a tighter booty and visible abs.

To begin doing leg raises on a scooter, simply lie on your back with your stomach touching the ground. Next, raise your arms and legs ups and balance your body on these four points. Place the scooter behind you and stretch your legs onto its standing board. Now, raise one leg as much as you can, before you begin to feel slight pain or discomfort. Do 10 repetitions and then lift the other leg. Repeat the same while alternating legs after every ten repetitions.


6. Burpees

There are a number of health benefits associated with burpees. They improve physical skill, build stamina and strength, is an ideal workout for the legs, stomach, and legs, develops muscular fortitude, improves heart capacity and functioning, and burns calories faster than most exercises.

Many fitness enthusiasts have added some modifications to the original exercise, however, the simplest involves a pushup, squat, and a jump. The process is repeated several times without breaks that really pumps up the heart rate, making it an excellent cardio exercise as well.

But how can you perform it on a scooter?

Well, for starters, you will need to stand straight with both your hands to the sides. Next, you will need to lower your body into a squatting position. Position the scooter a few feet behind you, so that when you lay on the ground your feet can touch its baseboard.  Next, lay down on the ground with your forearms above your head and stretched at a fair distance. This is the position where the scooter will actually come into practice. Attempt one pushup and then be ready to jump to your feet with a kick. The scooter reduces some of the effort required for that kick before the jump and helps you do more repetitions at a time. Repeat the same without any breaks until you can feel your heart beating through your chest.

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7. Side Leg Stretches

Stretching is always a great way to prepare your body for any oncoming exercise regime. They loosen the muscles and prevents any pulling or tissue damage. A standard stretching session before any exercise should be 10 to 15 minutes. This session may include arm stretches, leg stretches, some bending and jumping. The more stretched your muscles are, the more ready they will be. The result: you will be able to perform each exercise with more flexibility and depth and reap the most benefit from it.

Leg stretches involve pulling the leg to the side, away from the body till it can’t extend anymore. To do this, the individual needs to start with a standing position and place your hands on your sides.  Begin to extend one leg away from the body. Hold the position for as long as you can and then repeat the same with the other leg. As you pull out the leg, you need to bend a little and try to push your hips outwards. This will help tone them over time and prevent sagging.

When doing it on a scooter, place the foot of the leg you wish to extend on the board of the scooter and begin stretching. If you think about it, it is a much easier and faster way to get those muscles ready for the workout. You can add a few modifications to it as well such as bending into a squatting position or trying to jump a little. But be sure, not to injure yourself whilst doing it and not exceeding it out of your comfort zone.


8. Mountain Climber

Mountain climber is another of the many great scooter exercises. You want to know why? It is because mountain climber tunes in all the muscles of our neck down to our feet and make them work together in unison. You can expect this exercise to target your deltoids, triceps, hips, back, quads, flexors, buttocks, and hamstrings.

To begin, you must start in a plank position on the ground. Your heads should lay under your shoulders and your legs extended apart. When you start, do so with your core muscles engaged. Look diagonally ahead of your and begin pushing the floor away from you using your leg. Your body must remain in a straight line throughout the routine. No place one foot on the scooter and bring it closer to your chest by bending your knee. Then move back into your original position before placing the other foot onto the scooter’s board. Alternate between the feet and imagine you are climbing a mountain, each time bring your knees close to your chest and they straightening back. The faster you are between alternating your legs on the scooter board, the more impactful the exercise.


9. Back Cycling

Very similar to the mountain climber exercise mentioned above, consider this a fast-paced modification of it. You get into the same position for a mountain climber but instead of placing your feet on the ground, you keep them in the air, just a few inches from the ground throughout the exercise. The scooter helps your body move forward and backward with ease without having to bend or lift your hips. Again, this is beneficial to tone the abdominal muscles, your core, and even your shoulders and arms.


10. Kneeling Side Bend Stretch

Another great way to stretch your waistline and tone it to prevent flabby chunks or a muffin top. A kneeling side bend stretch starts with kneeling on your toes and sitting such that your core is tight, your legs joined and back straight.  Next, place the scooter next to your body and place one foot over it. Now extend that leg to the side, ensuring it stays perpendicular to your body. Whilst doing so, extend your opposite arm above your head and try to stretch it towards the extended leg. Take a deep breath in and begin to bend your torso towards the extended leg. Hold the position for about 20-30 seconds and repeat with the other foot.

Exercising doesn’t always have to be boring. You need to put your heart and soul in it if you really wish to see some visible results. But it isn’t just about the way you look, exercising is essential to keep your body in shape and prevent any bone-related problems in the future.



The purpose of this article was not only to get you moving but also to make it fun. Scooter exercises are a great way to add some fun to some old and boring routines. The best thing about scooter exercises is that you don’t need to get enrolled in a class to do so, you simply need a scooter which also makes for an amazing commute. You can also check our article about the best electric scooter for commuting.

So are you ready to perform these exercises on your scooter?

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