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[Expert’s Review] Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Scooter

For all the parents out there, don’t we just love to let our toddlers play and enjoy their childhoods? Because we want what’s best for them, we only buy products that we trust. And when it comes to playing, toys from Fisher-Price come to light. For those who want to let their tykes moving and having fun, getting a scooter would be a great idea, particularly the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Toddler Scooter. This is because it does not only have a great look to it but also because it has a lot of features that you can benefit from. If you’re interested to get one, below is a detailed guide of the product

Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Scooter Review

Key Features

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn scooter comes with a lot of features that are beneficial for your toddlers. This is specially designed to help your babies enhance their skills in an engaging manner. Below are some of its key features:

Smart Stages Technology

This is one of Fisher-Price’s most popular feature. Many parents appreciate this aspect because you can change the learning content of the scooter as your baby grows. This means that you can use the scooter for a very long time. As your toddlers learn more skills, you can adjust the scooter’s Smart Stages Technology setting to a level that is well-suited for them.  All you have to do is slide the switch, and you can already let your toddlers enjoy a variety of engaging learning content.

Three Levels of Play

As mentioned above, Fisher-Price’s scooter offers Smart Stages Technology. This is accompanied by its Three Levels of Play feature. As you slide the switch, you can choose from 3 levels – each having different learning content and complexity.

This is a great addition as the parents can control what their toddlers can learn. As they grow older, parents can increase the levels for more engagement. These three levels have their own songs, phrases, and tunes, so the toddlers will never get bored. The following are the different learning content per level:

  •       Level 1 Explore: This level comes with simple and fun sounds and phrases.
  •       Level 2 Encourage: This level encourages the kids to identify different shapes and then rewarding them with praise.
  •       Level 3 Pretend: This level allows the toddlers to imagine a character friend that they can play with.

3 Shape Buttons

Aside from the Three Levels of Play feature, this scooter also has 3 Shape Buttons. These buttons teach colors, numbers, shapes, and more. This feature is designed so that your toddlers can also learn other basic skills. You can just simply press on the buttons or teach your babies to press on them for more engagement. This feature can definitely stimulate them in a fun manner.

Motion Switch for Learning

Another great feature is the Motion Switch for Learning. This activates when your toddlers are on the move. This means that they will be exposed to a variety of learning content as they scoot. They can listen to tunes and sing at the same time. They can also learn phrases that will help them get familiarize with words and learn how to talk.

Clicker Buttons and Keys

This scooter is also full of clicker buttons that help promote role-playing and thinking skills. This allows the kids to develop their imaginations. Because it has an interactive dashboard, your toddlers can have a much more hands-on play time. They can click on the keys, shaped buttons, horn, and the like. With these clicker buttons and keys, playtime will never be a bore.

Wide-Wheel Design

Last on the key features, aside from the vibrant overall look to it, is the wide-wheel design. As this scooter is for babies, it’s wheels are wider, making them stable. These wheels make the scooter easier to balance and ride on. The toddlers, as their motor skills are still not fully developed, need that stable support, and they can get that here.

These are just some of Fisher-Price scooter’s highlight. Overall, the scooter is well-designed as it comes with a lot of vibrant colors. Plus, all of the learning content effectively aid toddlers’ skills development in a fun manner.


  •       It’s integrated with a Smart Stages technology that comes in three levels.
  •       It has more than 50 tunes and songs.
  •       It has a lot of engaging buttons and keys that promote imagination and thinking skills.
  •       It has a colorful design with stable wheels for safety.
  •       It’s affordable.


  •       It may be too bulky for some parents.
  •       As the wheels are wide, they may not turn smoothly, especially on the first try.

Who is Suitable for This?

The Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Toddler Scooter is best for babies aging from 1-3. Because it has a 3 three Three Levels of Play feature, toddlers within this age group can definitely enjoy its content. It has songs and tunes appropriate for babies, which allows them to sing and hum along. It also has the Smart Stages Technology to increase the learning content levels as they age up, making this scooter ideal for babies around this age.

Why Purchase One

As stated above, this scooter has a lot of advantages. It comes with helpful features that promote child learning in an engaging and easier manner. Parents would definitely love the learning content of this product as everything is properly leveled and appropriate for children. Plus, aside from it being safe, it’s totally affordable too.

Fisher-Price is a brand that you can surely trust. They have some of the best items for children, and this scooter is just one of them. For all the parents who want quality toys for their toddlers, investing your money on this product is surely worth it. Not only does it have appropriate and fun content, but it also has amazing features that you can maximize.

With all the learning variety it has, your toddlers will surely not only have a great time with this scooter but also learn a lot.

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