Health Benefits of Scooters

Electric Scooters: 11 Surprising Health Benefits of Scooters

In this article will further talk about riding a scooter and the many health benefits of scooters –perks you might not have thought of when you looked at an electric scooter and have you fully convinced to invest in one right now.


11 Surprising Health Benefits of Scooters

We have been told from time to time that in order to lead a healthy life, we must move around. Movement is good for the brain, body and even our mood. Doesn’t going out when bored or staying in when sad gives your mood an uplift or that feeling of comfort you crave so much?

It surely does. But moving around doesn’t always mean getting into those metal boxes that the society pressurizes us into. Sometimes, it is best to feel fresh air onto your face. This is one reason why scooters exist. Of course, there are many others such as an easy and less time-consuming commute, but one simply can’t overlook the added value it adds to our health and life.

Since experts have already told us to stay active in order to improve our health and wellbeing, let’s further prove our point with the help of a research study conducted at the University of Brighton. The research proposed that riding a scooter for approximately 45 minutes helps burn some 350 calories per hour. This means that if you ride a bike for a week, you will end up losing up to 1lb. But that is not all. Here comes the best part. Walking around for 45 minutes only burns 149 calories roughly. Want to be even more surprised? Cycling for 45 minutes only burns 270 calories. Imagine the effort!

So what would you prefer? Cycling, walking or scooting around?

The choice is simple –Riding an electric scooter!

Not to mention, it is cost-effective, requires little maintenance, is portable to carry around, promotes a greener environment by reducing carbon footprint and is ideal for people of all ages.


Strengthens Core Muscles

In addition to having cardiovascular benefits, the health benefits of electric scooters also include some muscular benefits. Since the whole body is in a constant state of movement, it helps the muscles to tighten and loosen from time to time –say, when changing directions or stopping or starting. The core muscles involved in this are those of the shoulders, arms, thighs, and legs. It is a great way to strengthen the hamstrings and work out the lower body muscles around the abdominal and pelvic region. Over time, you may begin to notice more flexibility in your calves, thighs and bum.


Helps with Weight Loss

Obesity and a sedentary lifestyle are two of the prime causes of diseases and illnesses. Not only do they harm to your bones, but being overweight also adds too much pressure on your spinal cord and nerves. This causes strain and damage to the tissues and nerves in the legs. When this happens, you start feeling even more tired than before and thus resort to more resting time. This cycle of sitting or lying for too long only adds more to your weight.

Riding an electric scooter has proven counterintuitive in this. According to calorie charts, you can lose 0.76 KJ/one kg of weight in one minute at a speed of 18km/hour. In contrast, if you were to cycle for the same amount of time at the same speed, you end up burning only 0.46KJ/one kg of weight. In order to lose 0.76KJ on a cycle, you would need to cycle at a speed of about 30km/hours. That is like putting double the effort in a minute’s time to shed a few pounds.

If we calculate the energy needed to burn 0.76KJ, we would have to compare it with aerobic exercises like fast swimming or brisk walking.

If you aren’t up for the accompanying sweat, you know which option to go for.

Did you also know that riding a scooter before breakfast can boost weight loss? This is what experts call, fasted session. A fasted session includes any form of exercise down before having the first meal of the day for not more than 30 minutes. This triggers the cells that burn fat and therefore promote weight loss.

How about skipping breakfast until you reach your office and then having one if you are trying to shed off a few pounds?


Improves Coordination

Riding an electric scooter demands your complete attention. You may even have to perform more than one task at a time such as steer, turn direction, speed up, etc. All of these actions require the rider to be in perfect coordination as any missed or delayed step may result in an injury or accident.

Luckily, scooting on an electric scooter helps improve coordination.  As you ride more and more, you will notice that you take less time changing gears, balancing yourself better while making sharp turns and avoiding obstacles.

This coordination will also help you in other tasks that require focused attention and the use of your hands and eyes.


Promotes Easy Recovery

It is common knowledge among fitness enthusiasts that after a hardcore workout regime, it is crucial to let the muscles relax a bit before moving on to other strenuous tasks. Therefore, fitness experts suggest engaging in activities that promise a low-intensity workout after the workout. Even though this means more stretching or low-intensity exercises, it doesn’t always have to be them.

Riding an electric scooter can be an alternative. Think about it, we already know that it is low-intensity cardio. It engages all important muscles of your body, which makes up for a pretty great workout in itself.


Develops Motor Skills

Scooting is a complex process. You need to move your hand and feet independently but also simultaneously. This means that your brain needs to send the right signals at the right time to allow your hands and feet to function. This results in the tuning of motor skills. You place your one foot in front of the other, sometimes changes the angle and distance between them. Then you also need to adjust the handlebar with your hands, using one or both at the same time. Then you also need to move your eyes to look in different directions and ears to hear any horns or sound of an oncoming vehicle from the side. In case there is another vehicle approaching, the rider will also have to hit the brakes using his/her fingers or slow the acceleration to manually stop it with the foot.

All this requires perfect coordination and excellent motor skills. Thankfully, riding a scooter helps to develop that.


Improves Decision-Making Skills

When on an electric scooter, you need to critically think about your every step beforehand. There are times when the rider doesn’t have enough time to think about which decision to make. An oncoming car, people crossing the street, gravel road, obstacles or a steep hill are all examples where critical thinking comes into play. It is upon the rider to decide whether to speed up, hit the brakes, slow down or stop immediately. Any delay and you have a chance of falling or injuring yourself or someone in front of you. Scooting regularly can help develop quick decision-making skills over time.

After all, it only takes a second for an accident to happen and a lifetime to overcome it physically and mentally.


Corrects Posture

Correction of posture is a must especially when we are moving from our 20s to 30s. A humpback posture can cause deformities and pain in the joints. It can even result in a slipped or dislocated disc in many adults. Now, if you were to make an estimate of the time you spend sitting in a hinged or lounging position, do you really think it will do no harm to you when you grow older?

One of the biggest health benefits of electric scooters is the improvement of posture. Not only will it save you from a bad posture, but it will also help with putting the right pressure into the right spots when you are scooting. Check out the many benefits a correct posture has on our health and wellbeing here.


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Improves Balance

This is especially true with kids. Scooting develops a sense of balance. Since the rider usually stands throughout the ride, he/she needs to maintain an upright position to ensure equal weight on both sides of the electric scooter. Balancing may seem difficult at the start but with some time and practice, you will notice a more upright posture with a straightened back and tightened abs. This will help you later in life when your joints begin to weaken and your bones wear out.


Encourages Going Outside

Riding an electric scooter also encourages the rider to get off from his/her couch, ditch the sedentary lifestyle and put a hold on to their Netflix binges for some time. Going out for some fresh air or meeting up with friends can really help fight boredom and appreciate the nature around you. Not to mention, it will uplift your mood which is also one of the many health benefits of electric scooters. An uplift mood releases the happy endorphins in the body making you happier and healthier at the same time.


Scooting Is Better Than Jogging

Even though there are many risks associated with electric scooters but so are with every other vehicle driven without concentration. The reason it is better than most rides and exercises is that it prevents joint injuries. Joint injuries are most associated with jogging. While jogging, the jogger may experience shocks and nerves overlapping. This can be painful in both the short and long run.

Riding an electric scooter saves the rider from any joint-related injuries.


Scooting Is Also Better Than Cycling

Cycling has many perks on its own. They keep the lower body in shape, makes the hamstrings more flexible, work out the knee and leg muscles and more. But what about the upper body, that is almost stiff throughout the ride? Studies show that stiffness or static sitting for long results in back pain, sore muscles and taut shoulder blades.

But if you are riding an electric scooter, you don’t have to worry about any of that as we already established earlier that it is a complete body workout. Your abdomen is engaged, your back is employed and your belly muscles are tightened.


In short:

  • It promotes mental alertness and improves reaction times.
  • It helps stabilize your posture and balance.
  • It strengthens your joints, spine, and skeletal muscles.
  • It improves joint mobilization which means greater support to your hips and thighs.
  • It engages the abs muscles to give you a tightened stomach and prevent a sagging belly.
  • It strengthens and stretches the buttock muscles.
  • It helps to tone your thighs and promotes flexibility, preventing shocks and nerve overlapping.
  • The motion of scooting on an electric scooter stretch and strengthens the joints, tendons, and ligaments.

Taking note of these health benefits of electric scooters can have a great impact on our lifestyles in the long run. Nobody will EVER worry about you the same way you can. Therefore, adopt a healthier lifestyle today so that you don’t have to regret it later in life.

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