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[Expert’s Review] Mongoose Expo Scooter – best for off-road use

For over 40 years, Mongoose has been in the dirt, on the trails and off the ramps. Founded in 1974 in a Southern California garage, Mongoose has always created products that push the limits of what a rider can do. From the biggest hits on the mountain or in the park to the urban jungle, Mongoose is authentic and produces durable products built for real riders. That’s why selected Mongoose’s Expo Scooter for a review. If you’re interested to get one, below is a detailed guide of the product.

Mongoose Expo Scooter Review

Key Features

Mongoose’s Expo scooter is design for children who would otherwise want to ride a bike. Unlike other kick scooters, Mongoose’s Expo scooter has 12 inch air tires that perform well when riding on paved and unpaved surfaces.  Below are some of its key features:

Built for Off-road Reviews the Mongoose Expo Scooter
The Mongoose Expo Scooter (kids)

Jumping the curb into the grass or a field is not new for Mongoose. The most distinctive feature of Mongoose’s Expo Scooter are its 12″ inflated tires, which are perfect for on- and off-road use. This is by far its most popular feature. Parents will also appreciate the caliper brakes for controlled stops. If your child knows how to “hit the brakes” on a bike, then this experience will feel familiar. This means that they can confidently get going with the Mongoose Expo Scooter. The Expo Scooter also has a wide foot deck for balance and stability while coasting.

The Thrill of New Trails

With the Mongoose Expo Scooter, your child can go from the side walk and drive way to the side yard or backyard. No other scooter gives them the ability to explore new trails like the Mongoose Expo Scooter. The braking handles give them control of the speed they think is thrilling.

In an age were kids can “ride” bikes and “drive” cars online, the Mongoose Expo Scooter gives them the freedom to enjoy some fresh air and explore the world around them safely.

Strong and Safe Design

Mongoose understands how to design for the off-road rider.  From its roots in the BMX community of Simi Valley, Mongoose has delivered the most rugged technology for biking. This spirit is embedded in the Mongoose Expo Scooter.

Familiar Bike Design

While Mongoose Expo is a as scooter, it shares some common design traits with a bike; namely the triangular handle bar, the brake grips on the handle bar, and the more rugged, air-cushioned tires. This is not a design that was thrown together to take advantage of the latest interest in scooters. Mongoose introduced its first mini scooter in 1986. Its reinforced front-bar and axle help provide a sturdy ride as your little one transitions from the sidewalk to your front yard.


  •       Mongoose is an impressive brand with more experience than some of the newer scooter manufacturers.
  •       Its dual brakes can help deliver a controlled stop.
  •       It familiar, wider-grip handle bar will feel comfortable to riders who have used a bike before.
  •       The 12″ air-inflated tires will deliver a more comfortable ride over cracks in the sidewalk.


  •       It does not fold into a smaller state.
  •       You will also need a bicycle pump.

Who is the Mongoose Expo Scooter Suitable for?

Mongoose Expo Scooter is ideal for children.

The Mongoose Expo Scooter is designed for children who are able to ride a bicycle. Some adults use the Mongoose Expo Scooter. The ideal rider is probably a pre-teen, and definitely past the toddler ages. Your little one needs the confidence of bike riding to go from a tricycle to this bicycle design. Once they know how to balance they are going to love this scooter. It’s a great intermediary step for learning how to ride a bike too.

Why Purchase One

The Mongoose Expo Scooter has a lot of advantages, and pricing is definitely one of them. Whether you go to Amazon or Walmart, this scooter is less than $100. It comes in green, blue, and pink. Mongoose is known for passionate fans and this design carries the quality Mongoose is known for. If your child already has a scooter, this will give them more freedom to roam.

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