Parts of an Electric Scooter

Parts of an Electric Scooter : Electric Scooters 101

Electric scooters have become a fairly common and preferable ride. It is expected that by 2025, the electric scooter market size will reach $28.56 billion. Electric scooters, in terms of construction and internal parts, are very similar to that of a traditional bike. Therefore, learning about the parts of an electric scooter is important to diagnose any problems or parts that need repairing/maintenance.

Lucky for you, we are going to cover just that in this informative article. We shall learn about the basic parts that make up an electric scooter in detail.

parts of an electric scooterDifferent Parts of an Electric Scooter


The motor of an electric scooter is what allows it to start in the first place. The motor determines the climbing and speeding capacities of the electric scooter. Although different models and brands feature different motor types, these usually range from a basic 12v to 48v or from a 1000w to 2000w.


Tires are an essential element of any mode of transportation and thus one of the most important parts for the electric scooter as well. Most widely-fitting tire size for electric scooters is 200 x 50. These also come in two sizes; a) inflated, b) solid. Inflated tires are much bigger in size than solid tires. Both of these offer different perks to different riders. Those wanting to hop onto something that is stable and features an average speed may want to opt for solid tires. Solid tires are also easier to maneuver around gravel terrains.  Those craving for some speed and comfort may want to go with inflated tires as they are larger in size and thus, faster and more comfortable.


electric sooter batteryAs we all know electric scooters don’t rely on gas, they come equipped with batteries to keep them going. Batteries of an electric scooter work in a similar way as most batteries do. They simply need an outlet to plug into and charge until full.

Some of the most common electric scooter battery types include the 24v, 36v and 48v battery. Each one of them features a distinct power to the electric scooter based on its type and model. An ideal battery should last 2 to 3 years. However, the battery life can be increased with some simple and handy tips. For instance, the battery must be charged after every trip no matter how small. Recharging them from time to time will ensure that the rider never runs out of power when commuting. Another sound advice is to delay charging it right after a long ride to give the batteries some time to cool off.


Another essential part is the throttle. The throttle controls the speed of the electric scooter and is set into the handlebar. It comes in a variety of forms such as a twist throttle, foot throttle, cable pull throttle or a thumb throttle.


Electric scooters also come equipped with another essential safety part –the front, turn signal and tail brake lights. They are there to ensure that any passerby or driver easily spots the vehicle and prevent collision. Since electric scooters are considerably slower than traditional vehicles, they can take the impact of a collision very heavily. The lights are installed with LED bulbs with a long-lasting charge.

Seat (optional)

Some newer electric scooter models come with seats as well to give the rider a small space to mount their weight on whilst commuting longer distances. Seats are made from high-quality textured vinyl, is mostly water-resistant and removable. Seats come with hinge bolts, nuts and shock-absorbent springs to reduce vibration and reaction impact.


The frame of the scooter is the actual structure that keeps the electric scooter in a single piece. With myriad options offered in the market today, the frame can be of a number of sizes and shapes. It is made of thin steel, warped and weighed to ensure stability and comfort for everyday use. However, thin steel frames are prone to wear and tear and often break under pressure. Thus, it is advisable that the rider invests in frames made from thick-plated or tubular steel as that guarantees toughness, robustness, and reliability.


Be it a gigantic 18-wheeler truck or a beginner’s cycle, the braking system plays a crucial role as soon as the rider takes it out for a ride. Since electric scooters don’t normally possess a very fast speeding meter, the brakes are often an overlooked element when considering buying an electric scooter. Why do we think that a robust braking system is a must?


Think about it, imagine the weight of the bike, combined with the weight of the rider and the battery… Doesn’t that make it a heavily-loaded machine? Thus a well-designed braking system with brake levers in place will prevent any injuries or accidents and boost weight safety.

Brakes come in various forms as well. An electric scooter may have a front or rear brake or disc brake. Having more than one form of security is best. An electric scooter with just one braking system will take more time to stop than that of one with two braking systems.

Moreover, brakes must be inspected frequently to ensure no cables are loose or pivot points becoming rusty.

Fork (Front and Rear)

A fork is that part of the scooter that works as a liaison between the bearings and the tires. It is usually made from thin or thick steel, often warped to go with the shape of the frame and the electric scooter model. Every electric scooter possesses two forks, one keeping the front wheels intact and the other ensuring the rear wheels remain in place.

Belt and Chain

When we talk about the parts, we can’t mention the two drive types they feature. The first one is the belt drive and the other one the chain drive. Belt drives are quieter in general but they do have a limited warranty before they begin to wear and tear with everyday use.

In contrast to that, chain drives are more reliable and sturdier in construction, thus lasting longer. The only drawback, however, is the noise when driven.


Lastly, chargers are another important part as this brings the scooter to life. They come in two forms based on their construction, i.e. lithium or standard. The chargers also have different voltages to go with different batteries and electric scooter models.

Some high-end brands even offer chargers that automatically disconnect once the battery is fully charged, preventing overheating of the battery and ultimately reducing its life. Charging ports and plug are additional accessories that come with it.


Now that you are familiar with all the parts in detail, you will be able to make a well-informed decision if picking out your first electric scooter. This knowledge will also help you when you come across a problem with the electric scooter and wish to diagnose it yourself before taking it for costly but small repairs. You can also check our article best electric scooter of commuting.

That being said, it is crucially important to ensure your safety when riding an electric scooter and wear safety helmets to prevent any unanticipated injuries.

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