Radio Flyer My First Scooter

Radio Flyer My First Scooter [Expert’s Review]

The Radio Flyer My First Scooter is the perfect scooter for new riders between the ages of two and five. This scooter will help these young ones develop coordination and balance. It has a wide deck for better stability and this deck is also textured to provide for added traction and even more stability. It also has three wheels to make it even more stable. This minimizes falls and makes pushing off with the other foot much easier. Beginning riders can experience frustration when first trying out a scooter. This scooter will minimize this frustration by providing an easy to maneuver ride. Your little ones will be zooming down the sidewalk in no time at all.

Radio Flyer My First Scooter: Review

Safety First

radio flyer my 1st scooter reviewScooter safety should always be first when choosing a toddler scooter or young child scooter. With its low to the ground base, two front wheels, hand grips, and specially designed turning radius, the Radio Flyer – My First Scooter is the perfect choice for providing the safe and fun experience your kids need. In addition, this scooter weighs in at an easy to carry five pounds. This makes it super easy for the little ones. It is also great for you when loading into the car for a trip to the park. Minimal assembly is required. You will also find an easy to use brake although your young one will probably not need it.

Some Complaints

The above statements are a summary from the Radio Flyer listing of this product. Here is what our actual customers are saying. And all are not reporting a good experience. One of the most common complaints is that it doesn’t go very fast. Once a little one gets the hang of how to ride a scooter, this one doesn’t hold up with how fast they want to go. There have been minimal complaints about the steering mechanism. This may be due to individual assembly problems as not many users have reported this issue. That being said, there have been complaints about the assembly process being a little too difficult.

Another common complaint is the quality of the materials. The Radio Flyer – My First Scooter is mostly made of plastic. Other parents state that they like the durability of the plastic however. There have been complaints about the specially designed turning radius. The purpose of this design is to make tight turns impossible as to limit tip overs. What really happens, according to some reviews, is that the wide turning radius makes it difficult to maneuver for young children. One buyer reports that when her son encounters a turn, he must pick it up manually and set it down in the direction he wants to go.

Some Positives

In general, the reviews are stating that this is a good scooter for younger toddlers but children age three or after become frustrated with the slowness and the difficulty in turning. While these negative reviews are important to consider, it is notable that, for the most part, this scooter is well reviewed. We mostly hear that users are very happy with this first scooter. So be sure to take into account that, while there are complaints, most people rate this scooter quite highly.

Positive reviewers report loving the wide base. They state that it is perfect for small children to stand on and doesn’t tip over. Many liked the fact that it did not go too fast for beginning riders and felt it was a good safety feature. While negative reviews occasionally reported difficulty with assembly, positive reviewers stated that assembly was easy. Many like the look of the scooter and reported their young children did too. You will find it comes in a red version and a pink version. Some parents reported it being a good scooter for indoor use and even on carpet. It’s always good for your kids to be physically active so whether it is inside or outside, this scooter can have the smaller set up and move around. Don’t forget a helmet for safety, however. It’s good to start early with this very important safety feature. As they grow and transition to faster scooters and two-wheeled bikes, wearing that helmet should be second nature to them. While not many falls are reported with this Radio Flyer toddler scooter, you still want to take every precaution.

Final Conclusion

All in all, in our opinion, this is a good scooter for young toddlers. Preschoolers, however, will not like this as they can find it too babyish and not very easy to maneuver after they first learn how to ride a scooter. Your child’s first scooter should bring them fun and joy. You want them to love being active as it is so important for their long term health. But if they become frustrated, they may dump this for a turn with video media instead. Which is not active and while there is a place for that, the reason you’re here is to buy a scooter that will give your child an enjoying physical activity.

Our final recommendation is that this scooter is a yes for toddlers under age three but a no for preschoolers aged three and a half or older. It is important to properly choose a young child scooter with safety in mind and this one seems to provide just that. The Radio Flyer – My First Scooter will bring the very little riders hours of enjoyment and provide exercise that bring positive health effects. Have a great ride on your brand new scooter little ones!

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