Radio Flyer Scoot About Review

[Expert’s Guide] Radio Flyer Scoot About Review

The Radio Flyer Scoot About review will help you to understand why this is a perfect option for toddler riders. They will be scooting around on this first scooter toy with a smile on their faces. Parents will smile because it is always great to see our little ones being physically active and having fun. This Radio Flyer Scoot-About review will give you an idea of what parents are saying and help you make the decision on whether or not this is a good product for you. It is made for very young children from ages one to three. You will find this to be a great choice for baby’s first scooter.

Radio Flyer Scoot About Review

Radio Flyer Scoot About ReviewHappy Baby, Happy Parents

kid on Radio Flyer Scoot AboutThe Scoot-About has a sturdy steel frame with the classic Radio Flyer design we remember from our own childhoods. It also has the quality and durability that comes with a brand we all know to be a solid company who has provided children with endless hours of enjoyment over a very long period of time. Reviewers report that it holds up to the use of multiple children in the family. They buy it for their first and it is still going strong for their third or fourth. This is the type of scooter that a child sits on and pushes with both of their feet. It is not a stand on scooter. With four wheels, it is very safe. The rear two wheels are set closer together while the front two are much wider apart. This provides excellent stability which is so important for safety. Parents will love the front bumper which protects walls and furnishings if this toy is used inside.

Radio Flyer made the Scoot-About with easy glide wheels which makes it very easy for young riders to maneuver. They also gave it real steering. Kids love this feature and they learn how to steer for when they later transition to a tricycle. It has a stylish chrome handlebar for that classic Radio Flyer look. In addition, your kids will love the fun streamers and the handlebar bell. In fact, ringing the bell is a huge part of the enjoyment of this child’s first scooter. Parents report their children loving this simple feature.

Cost of Baby’s First Scooter

The list price for this scooter is listed between $50-$60 but you can find it at many retailers for around $30++. So make sure to shop around to find the best price. And you will always get a competitive deal on Amazon. For the quality and durability of this toddler first scooter, it is a reasonable cost. You may spend a bit more than other four-wheeled riders but this one has features that cheaper ones do not. And its nostalgic look is attractive to today’s parents who have great memories of their own Radio Flyer wagons and trikes.



Best Age for Scoot-About

The Scoot-About is made for children aged one to three. It can truly be a baby’s first scooter. The seat adjusts for height so it can also grow along with your little one. Some parents report, however, that their child outgrows the need for this type of rider before needing to raise the seat. Little ones of one year old can easily learn how to maneuver this around the house or yard. Some report that their child initially has difficulty because the rear wheels run into the child’s feet. But once they learn to plant their feet a bit wider, this no longer becomes a problem. In fact, some reviewers claim that other four-wheeled push bikes have too wide a seat and toddlers can’t easily move their legs and feet. With the comfortable seat of the Scoot-About, this is not a problem.

More than three-quarters of our purchasers give this little push scooter excellent reviews. So most of the reviews are positive and so few are negative that it doesn’t seem necessary to report them here. The one safety issue reported that we should point out is that this toy can tip over if a child tries to stand on the front bumper. Since the front base is wider and heavier than the back, it is easy to see how this could happen. So be sure to monitor your toddler and make sure he or she only uses it as a ride on toy. With proper supervision, this toy scooter is as safe as possible.

Scoot-About a Great Choice

In conclusion, the Radio Flyer Scoot-About is an excellent choice when looking for something that will keep your little one physically active. They will also love it if they have older siblings with bikes. This product looks like a bike and toddlers feel like they are also riding one just like big brother or big sister. Parents will love the fun look of the classic Radio Flyer style as well as the overall safety and durability of this familiar toy. Toddlers will love ringing the bell as they ride along the sidewalk. The shiny red metal as well as the soft streamers are visually attractive and will be very appealing to them too.

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